'The AmeriPlan® membership is very valuable in the sense that it allows many people access to good quality health care at an affordable price.' -- Duane Garth, Managing Principal, Garth Financial Group (Formerly VP Merrill Lynch)




'The Washington DC Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be associated with AmeriPlan®. This allows us to do 2 things: (1) Offer to our small business members the opportunity to reduce some of their health care costs, and (2) provides an additional line of business revenue stream for other Chamber program services.'
Barbara Lang, Pres/CEO, Washington DC Chamber of Commerce


'The AmeriPlan® membership is truly a blessing for the working poor. These are people who have jobs, but no medical discounts. I am so glad that I have something to offer these patients so they can continue to exercise preventive care. We are really looking forward to "AmeriPlan Health®". This will provide additional help for our community in terms of Doctor and Hospital visits. I look forward to participating.'
Peggy Richardson, M.D., Medical Director
Preferred Medical Professionals
Detroit, MI

'Medicare is designed to assist the elderly.
Medicaid is designed to assist the poor.
AmeriPlan® is designed for everyone.
Unless you are a part of that small minority where money is not important to you, you cannot afford to miss out on this valuable membership  This program is designed to enhance family wellness.' --Bishop Samuel P. Nesbitt, Church Of God In Christ


Words From a Provider:
'Becoming an AmeriPlan® dental provider has more than exceeded my expectations. Almost every week our office is contacted by various insurance carriers desiring our participation in their network. I have made the decision not to continue participating in some types of plans because of the compensation level and inflexibility in treatment planning.
AmeriPlan®'s dental plan has allowed me to follow my passion to help people through the discount program without treatment limitations which are usually tied to most benefit plans.....(read entire article here) -- Dr. Kenneth E. Duffie, DDS, Detroit, MI


Personal Savings Stories

Here are some personal experiences of how the AmeriPlan® card has helped people save money on every-day healthcare costs. We'd love to add YOUR story to this page!

Paul B., Boise, Idaho
'My boss decided not to offer us dental insurance anymore, so I scheduled about $2500 worth of dental work before it expired. Greg (my friend who's an AmeriPlan® IBO) told me to check to see what my 'cap' was-- he said that most dental policies max out at $1000 or $1500. He was right! I had only $1000 of discounts. I got my AmeriPlan® card and rescheduled my services with a local AmeriPlan® dentist, and I was even able to get an appointment before my insurance expired. I saved over $1600 that would have come straight out of my pocket at my regular dentist. Since I'm a college student, that was HUGE!'

Rose J., Boulder City, NV
"I had my teeth cleaned and x-rayed, and I saved $65.00. Well worth it... I am very pleased with my dentist, Dr. Cahen. With me, he's got a patient for life. I've even recommended him to my friend who has an expensive dental insurance plan."

Tracey G., Jacksonville, FL
"I saved $150.00 three weeks ago when I had my teeth bleached. It would have cost $300.00 without AmeriPlan®. Over the past two years, AmeriPlan® has saved me over $3,500.00!"

Jess E., Katy City, TX
"I have regular dental insurance as well, so I use AmeriPlan®'s discounted rate and file the remainder with my insurance company. So, my visits cost me even less!"

KaSandra J., Oklahoma City, OK
"I am very impressed by your company. I was hesitant at first to send my money and have it coming out of my check each month, but I'm glad I did. I had just cancelled my dental discounts at my job and, of course, I had a toothache so bad I didn't' know what to do. I saw one of your brochures and sent my check in and got my dental card back real fast. I made my appointment that very next day! Found out my gums were infected. You saved my life! Thank you, AmeriPlan®!"

Matthew J., New York, NY
"Recently, I had a severe toothache on a Saturday night. I called around and was told that it would cost me $200.00 just to open up the dentist's office! I waited until Monday and went to an AmeriPlan® dentist; it was my first time using the plan. I remember going to the bank and taking out a large amount of money, having no idea how much it would cost me. They took x-rays and extracted the tooth for a total of $57.00, Without AmeriPlan®, this would have cost me around $345.00. I was so happy! My wife couldn't believe it. From that day on, we kept using AmeriPlan®!"

Sarah B., Las Vegas, NV
"I was at the dentist and saved about $150.00. The dentist I found from the AmeriPlan® list was so nice and very generous to not only give me my discount for being joined in AmeriPlan®, but he also gave me an additional discount on top of that!"


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