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You've found a rock-solid company with a market niche that addresses the problem that's on EVERYONE's mind...skyrocketing
healthcare and insurance costs!

A Company You Can  Trust to 'Deliver on the Promise'

  • 14 year stellar track record

  • $100 million/year in business volume

  • Saving money for more than 1.5 million members

  • Still owned and managed by the original founders

  • LARGEST and most well-respected discounts company of its kind in the USA!

  • More than 250 IBOs earning six-figure life-time residual incomes!

A Product Every American Family Wants, Needs, and Can Afford

  • A simple savings card that makes healthcare more affordable for EVERYONE

  • Low cost! Starts at just $19.95 per month

  • High retention rate for members which translates into REAL RESIDUAL INCOME

  • A perfect fit with today's trend toward HSAs and high-deductible insurance plans.

Yes, it's every bit as good as it sounds...and more.

Contact me today about being part of our growing team!

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   We're helping people
                            from all walks of life
            financial independence 
                         and prosperous lifestyles

We can help you do the same thing! Join us!

You Can MAKE MONEY with AmeriPlan®®

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Additional IBO Benefits

What if you could work from home with your phone and computer, promoting the #1 health discount program in America, and start earning extra income immediately? This video explains exactly how hundreds of ordinary people have created six figure lifetime residual incomes in 2-4 years, and how YOU can do the same thing!
8 minutes.
  • Create REAL Residual Income
  • Get paid DAILY
  • Simple, proven success system
  • Tremendous team training & support
  • Get started for just  $50 - $250

You Can SAVE MONEY with AmeriPlan®®

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Introduction to AmeriPlan® discounts. View this video to see how over 1 1/2 million Americans are saving
  • Up to 80% on Dental
  • Up to 60% on Vision
  • Up to 50% on Prescriptions
  • Up to 50% on Chiropractic
  • Up to 50% or MORE on medical care!

Join the huge AmeriPlan® discount network and NEVER PAY RETAIL again! With membership as low as $19.95/month families save far more than the low monthly fee!
11 minutes.


The 5:00 A.M. Wake Up Call To Financial Freedom (Video)

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Welcome! My name is Jerome Scott, and in the photo above you'll see my beautiful wife, Debera.

We've spent the past 7 years helping people reach their goals of financial success with AmeriPlan®, the greatest home business opportunity I've ever seen. 

I'd love to tell you about  how literally hundreds of Team Prosperity members have achieved incredible financial prosperity and lifestyles beyond their wildest dreams. (Please click on Hall of Fame below.)

I'm currently looking for new leaders to add to our Team! If you have a goal to achieve financial independence, please browse this site and contact me. I would be honored to talk with you about how AmeriPlan® can help you reach YOUR goals!

Jerome & Debera Scott
National Vice Presidents
$300,000 Founders' Club

Listen to a 4-minute recorded presentation: 1-646-222-0396

We're committed to providing each member of our Team with the very finest training, support, and recognition. Check out our team support site by clicking below:

AmeriPlan® is a member in good standing of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA)

To learn more, contact
Jerome Scott
Listen to a 4-minute recorded presentation:

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